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Associate Professor

Dr. Katsuhiko TAKAMI

Email: takami(a)yamaguchi-u.ac.jp

TEL: (+81) 836-85-9348

FAX: (+81) 836-85-9301

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Associate Professor

Dr. Isamu YOSHITAKE (HP Administrator)

Email: yositake(a)yamaguchi-u.ac.jp

TEL: (+81) 836-85-9306

FAX: (+81) 836-85-9301

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Mr. Takayuki MAKIHARA

Email: makihara(a)yamaguchi-u.ac.jp

TEL: (+81) 836-85-9349

FAX: (+81) 836-85-9301

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2-16-1 Tokiwadai, Ube, Yamaguchi, 755-8611, JAPAN

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Yamaguchi University



Dr. Thesis (since 1996)

  1. Hideaki NAKAMURA (1996) "Study on the Estimation of Thermal Cracking for the Mass Concrete Structures Having Uncertain Properties"

  2. Ryota KOBAYASHI (1997) "Study on the Application of Concrete Recycled Aggregate to the Pavement"

  3. Muneto ABE (1997) "No-English Title"

  4. Isamu YOSHITAKE (2000) "A Study on the Creep of Young-Aged Concrete for Thermal Cracking of Mass Concrete"

  5. Toshio TANIMOTO (2000) "Studies on the Snow-Melting and Anti-Freezing for Bridges by Pipe Heating"

  6. Senji NAGAI (2002) "A Study on the Design of Pipe-Heating System by Natural Energy around the Mountain Tunnel"

  7. Tadashi SAITOH (2002) "A Study on the High Density Concrete Using Coal Ash"

  8. Hiroshi TANAKA (2004) "Strength and Deformation Properties of Concrete with Perlite Lightweight Aggregate"

  9. Yasushi FUJIOKA (2004) "Study on Approach to Risk Cost for RC Bridge Slabs under Fatigue Loading"

  10. MAO Mingjie (2005) "Evaluation for Current Design Formula and Proposal for a New Design Equation for the Punching Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Slabs"

  11. Kazutoshi HINO (2006) "The Practical Application of RCC with Fly Ash as Full Substitution of Fine Aggregate"

  12. Kazuhide TSUJI (2006) "Structural Characteristics and Life Cycle Cost of the Concrete Slab for Pipe-Heating"

  13. Nobuhiro HISABE (2007) "Failure Behavior of Concrete Element Subjected to Pure Shearing Force and Shear-Strengthening Effect by Carbon Fiber Sheet"

  14. Yasuhiro KATO (2007) "Strength Characteristics of HVFA Concrete and Design Procedure of Pavement Thickness"

  15. Kunikazu YOSHIOKA (2007) "Experimental Study on Splitting Tensile Strength of Expansive Concrete in Early Age"

  16. Yoichi MIMURA (2007) "Experimental Study on Bond Characteristics between Early-Age Concrete and Deformed Bar"

  17. Hiroyuki KAWANO (2008) "Fundamental Study on Strength and Young's Modulus of Early Age Concrete"

  18. Kunihiro ISHIDA (2008) "Fundamental Study on Crack Resistance of Concrete with Expansive Additive of Low Dosage Type"

  19. Qiuning YANG (2008) "A Rational Equation of the Punching Shear Strength for Reinforced Concrete Slabs Based on Data Base"

  20. Kazutaka YOSHIDA (2008) "Study on the Strength Increase and Adiabatic Temperature Rise for HVFA Concrete"

  21. Keiyu YUMIKURA (2009) "Study on CCFP for Strengthening of RC Slab Subjected to Negative Bending Moment"

  22. Yoshikazu INATOMI (2009) "Development of Micropile - Precast Concrete Connecting System"

  23. Narifumi YASUMURA (2011) "Development of Practical Pipe Heating System with Underground Water Tank for Snow Thawing and Ice Prevention on Roads and Bridge Decks"

  24. Tatsuo UNO (2011) "Fundamental Experiment of Concrete Element Subjected to Shear and Prediction for Cracking Strength"

  25. Wenbo ZHANG (2012) "Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash Concrete and Proposal of Prediction Formulae for the Strength Development"

  26. Atsushi OGAWA (2014) "Development of Steel-Concrete Composite Slab Using a Cementitious Adhesive"

  27. Hisatsugu TSUDA (2015) "Experimental Study on Bond Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Laminate Glued to Steel Substrate under Cold Temperature"

  28. Jyunichi HIRAYAMA (2016) "Practical Education of Mixture Design or Young Enginees at Ready-mixed Concrete Plants"

  29. Tatsuhiko MIMOTO (2017) "Development of a Strengthening System Using Post-tension Tendon with an Internal Anchorage of Existing Concrete Members"

  30. Tomoyuki MAEDA (2017) "Quantitative Evaluation and a Reducing Method of Bugholes on Lining Concrete of NATM Tunnels"

  31. Muhammad RIDWAN (2018) "Finite Element (FE) Simulation of Masonry Wall Structures Considering Mechanical Properties of Various Bricks"

  32. Koichiro YAMATO (2018) "Experimental Study on Properties of Concrete Mixed with a Fine Admixture Incorporating High-Volume of SiO2 and Al2O3"